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Upper Marlboro, MD & Chesapeake, VA

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Dog Walking and Pet Waste Removal Service in Chesapeake, VA & Upper Marlboro, MD

Stop feeling guilty about not walking your dog and leaving pet waste in the yard. More than likely it is not your fault, and besides, We Scoop-N-Walk is here to handle all the dirty work of caring for your animals. Headquarters in Chesapeake, Virginia, and we are proudly offering services in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. We offer pet sitting, dog walking services, and pet waste removal for people who need assistance with their pets.

Pet Waste Removal
We will come to your location and pick up poop and make sure it is properly disposed of in your trash can. Whether it is your backyard, an apartment complex, or a dog park, we go where we are needed. Our contracts are available on either a weekly or twice-weekly basis. We even provide Doggie Concierge service for your backyard and other party events. Now your dog can join in on the fun without everyone stepping in what they leave behind.

Dog Walking
Our dog walking service is available in the mornings, mid-day, or evenings, depending on what is most convenient for you. Walks usually last about 30 minutes, and we can walk your pet twice a week or everyday. We will also provide a leash and collar for your dog if needed.

Dog, Pet Waste Removal in Chesapeake, VA

Dog, Pet Waste Removal in Chesapeake, VA

Pet Sitting
This generally is an overnight stay where we arrive during the evening and handle all exercising, feeding, and waste removal before your pet turns in for the night. In the morning we will do the same to make sure your pet is ready and waiting for you when you come home. We can also pick up mail and water plants as a part of this service.

Dog Walk-Play Rates
15-25 Min 30-40 Min
Single Dog Rate $25 $40
Double Dog Rate $30 $50
Triple Dog Rate $35 $60
Poop Scooping Rates* *Add $20 for first poop scooping cleaning visit.
Weekly As Needed
Single Dog Rate $25 $40
Double Dog Rate $30 $50
Triple Dog Rate $35 $60

We do large jobs for events and also provide services on an as-needed basis, so contact us for more about our in-home pet services.